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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Interview questions

I attended an technical interview for C++ developer yesterday. From the interviewer's questions, I didn't think the compony knows what is the most important for a programmer and what is his/her value to the company.

- The interviewer asked questions which covers some corner I have never used in my 9 years of working

- The most important components such as realibility coding, security, refactoring skills, and vision for the development process are not covered at all

- These questions may be good for a new graduates who memorized some concepts and be able to repeat. For a developer with 9 years of experience, some of these questions are never covered in work

I am going to post some of the interview questions:

Interview Questions:
Void* p = NULL;
Delete p;

What is polymorphism?
Is overload ?

3. Explain the difference:
Const char* p;
Char* const p;
Char const * p;
Const char const *p;

4. There are 100 classes and every class has a virtual function. If we create 2 instances for each class, how many vtable(s) are created?
Std::string firstName;
Const std::string lastName;

Static void main(
// How to initialize the firstName
// How to initialize the lastName

Class Base
Base () { Init()};

Virtual Init() { printout( “Base::Base()” )}

Class Derived: public Base
Virtual Init() { printout( “Derived::Derived()” )}

Derived b;
What will print out?
What CObject does in MFC?

8. One main thread working on GUI, one work thread working on heavy loading works.
The main thread indicates the working progress. How does the work thread send messages to the main thread for this purpose?

9. Do you know Design Pattern? Give a name of Design Pattern
I did give an example of a Design Pattern, which is used by the Microsoft Internet Explorer design team. But I forgot the pattern name. The interviewer is not happy about that, so he insisted me to give a name.
I am not a new graduate from school. I put my practice inegrated with the computer science theory. I know better than design pattern other people who only know names but can't connect in reality.

I am not happy about the interview.

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